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Life Cycle of Angiosperms

Angiosperm plants flowers, which are only sperm are produced in factory machinery. life cycle of angiosperms in which they established the benefits of new plants to maturity access the flowering stage, which in a full circle contains the seeds germinate and eventually I begin by pollination. Now the life cycle of angiosperms before discussing details on the reproductive caste of flowers after the death of a parent plant withers away or continue to participate in the test series parts.
reproductive cycle in this part of the flower parts
The following parts of a flower is the reproductive system resulting in seed production are planned. The seeds, when favorable environmental conditions (soil properly, enough humidity, wind and temperature, etc. sufficient) presents a series of plants in the cabbage growing plants. Maturing, new, young plants grow flowers themselves, and the process begins again.
Stamen: The male reproductive part of a flower, and a long, fine fibers, the long flexible flower petals around a circle as far (ugly) as many can be seen located contains. These structures known as anther filaments and small, usually oblong head, with the best position. stamen where pollen grains are produced, and pollen grains from the anthers of female reproductive organs, where they are made to fertilize the eggs, but we shall see later. So, put simply, a flower stamens = male anther filaments party +!
Carpel: carpel is also known as the pistil, is a flower like structure of a goglet (long clay pot used for drinking water in the neck), and is, stigma, style and ovary of the woman Reproductive is a party. Face shape style defamation, forms the neck, and ovaries form goglet frames. pollen from the stamens is presented by the nation, stigma, ovaries by way of travel, and ensure that zygotes ova, which led to later become the seeds of the fruit shape. Therefore, single flowers placed = = carpel stigma + style, the women's section + ovaries!
Life Cycle of Angiosperms
Pollen and pollination: spores, megaspores and microspores of both types are present in the ovaries and stamens, respectively. These spores are suffering meiosis and ova and pollen megaspores microspores. Season flowers, pollen anthers and stigma are assembled in the wind, insects, birds or other animals were either from. Self-fertilization, where a single flower in each carpel and stamen is the case, the stamen carpel stigma on the turn and pollen collected (in this case, I look forward to carpels). The ovaries in pollen, ovules, where he went to get in touch with style. maize cells and cells of the pollen tube set called stem cells are of two types. Create cells during pollination eggs before they come into contact with two sperm cells into pieces. Each egg a female gamete (sex cell reproduction) contains.
Fertilization: that each grain of pollen on stigma cavity internal style along with a pollen tube is low, and place in the embryo sac of the ovary has established to date content. Published by the pollen tube to join an egg cell is the center of one of their sperm, and a merger results in the formation of a zygote. After fertilization has occurred, carpel flowers, especially the ovaries, an increasing number, starting outward, as if swollen, and finally the form of fruit trees.
Fruits and seeds: time, style and carpels dry or fall in most parts of the stigma. Mature seeds of fruits that were made when fertilized eggs form zygotes holds. Each germ of all the nutrients necessary genetic and what is included, until the seeds get a living environment conducive to the culture contains. Once the seeds have an atmosphere, the emerging seedlings, root structure began as a small low growth in the soil after planting a tender that develops slowly upward.
In simple words about the life cycle of angiosperms is about. I deliberately in many scientific and technical terms used to explain this trend, lucidity to understand the jargon of arrest has refused to stop. Hope you enjoyed botany lesson!

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